Automotive / Rail

Make the right turn

A turning point

Individual and collective mobility has become a prominent issue in modern companies. Ever cleaner, more intuitive, connected and accessible, land transport – as with the development of autonomous cars – adapts to the expectations of consumers and complies with the requirements of environmental regulations.

It is a major turning point for organisations and industries in the sector that is fostering new breakthrough technologies and new players.

Faced with these changes, our consultants apply their expertise and experience to understand these new skills and offer you profiles and solutions that are perfectly suited to each client challenge.

our areas of expertise

  • Manufacturers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Engineering firms
  • Parts distributors
  • Subcontractors / Service providers

A few recruitment examples

Site Director
Director of Operations
Production/Methods & Maintenance/Quality Manager
Supply Chain Director/Manager
Purchasing Director/Manager
R&D Director/Manager
Design Office Director/Manager
Lean Expert
Project Manager
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