Construction, Public Works and Civil Engineering

High-value-added recruitment

Driven by new technologies

Driven by new technologies and the use of new materials and methods, the construction, public works and civil engineering sectors are witnessing the birth of new professions.

Within a sector that is already facing a shortage of skills and talent, our consultants support the clients throughout the entire value chain.

Our level of specialisation helps identify the most suitable profiles to meet the expectations of a market that is strained when it comes to expert, manager and director positions.

our areas of expertise

  • Property
  • Construction & Public Works 
  • Project Owners 
  • Design offices 
  • General contractors 
  • Investors
  • Services & Consulting
  • Land-Use Planning / Regional Authorities

A few recruitment examples

Design Office Manager
Site Manager
Property Development Director
Design Manager
Works Manager
Corporate Property Director
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