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who we are ?

Dark & Noam is an HR consultancy firm that tackles key HR issues with a unique optimism. We support clients from major international groups to SMBs.

Dark & Noam’s unique culture is cultivated through its sector-specific approach and a continuous coordination of a community of managers and directors.

Drawing on the experience of our consultants, we are able to pinpoint the expectations and issues of our clients, approach candidates and open discussions with them on an expert-to-expert level.

With us, candidates are much more than just a few lines on a CV. We take the time to sit down together and determine your personal and professional aspirations. Our goal is to highlight your motivations and professional skills, as well as all the human qualities that set you apart from everyone else (creativity, agility, emotional intelligence, communication, etc.). Our actions are guided by the need to combine high standards and a gentle approach to offer you the best opportunities.
At the end of our meetings together, we will offer you the chance to join a community where, together, we can share a vision of the jobs and skills of tomorrow.

Our offers

Assessment & Internal Mobility

Driven by the momentum of digital transformation, organisational structures and professions are constantly evolving. The internal mobility policy satisfies a growing need for scalable, efficient structures and employee commitment.

We support our clients in the assessment of their potential and the identification of their areas for development. Always ensuring we keep the process neutral, our role is also to carefully maintain the commitment of the people we assess.

Recruitment of Managers and Directors

The recruitment of experts, managers or directors is the foundation of our business.

The direct approach is part of our DNA. It represents the perfect solution for identifying complex and rare profiles that lack visibility in the market. The direct approach also proves highly effective for establishing contacts with candidates working for target companies.

Recruitment of Future Potential

Identifying and recruiting future talent and developing ‘incubators’ is also what we are about.

Sourcing – a more global, generic approach – is suited to the recruitment of this type of profiles, often more visible and on the lookout for new opportunities, thus making them very active on job boards and professional networks. This approach generally helps generate a substantial flow of candidates.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

In the context of significant growth requiring a major recruitment programme, or simply due to a lack of resources or time, outsourcing recruitment free our clients from all the related constraints, so they can focus on their core business.

Transition Management

From corporate transformation and crisis management to temporary vacancies or the need for an expert over a fixed period of time, are all situations that require the know-how of a transition management professional.

Dark & Noam, via its network of candidates, supports its clients with tailored solutions and fast response times.

Organisation, Mapping and Performance & Process Improvement

Dark & Noam supports its clients in their organisational ideas as well as the optimisation of their internal processes.
Using organisation or profile mapping, analyses and assessments, Dark & Noam provides its clients with key information for their decision-making.

Our values

The mindset shared by all of our employees is what defines the true essence of Dark & Noam and each and every task that we undertake.



We operate with respect for diversity. Furthermore, we are committed not to contact in any way or form our clients' employees.



Our consultants communicate with you on daily basis, regularly sharing with you the progress of all searches.



Our professional approach is founded on the dual expertise of our consultants: in depth knowledge of the assessment process and deep insight of the sector in which they operate.



At the heart of our profession lies confidentiality, which is critical to the success and security of our assignments.



We mobilise all of our resources and always apply our methodology, in an effort to identify your future talent within the given deadlines.

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