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High-flying expertise

Aerospace players never grow short of challenges

Aerospace players never grow short of challenges, which include lowering costs and production times by taking advantage of opportunities offered by digital technology (automation, 3D printing). These players need to tackle the emergence of new entrants attracted by global traffic where volume is set to triple by 2036.

In light of growing geopolitical instability, the defence industry needs to tackle difficulties when it comes to security. It must also adapt to budget constraints, all the while maintaining a spirit of innovation to modernise its capabilities.

Thanks to excellent knowledge of the sector and in-depth mastery of the entire value chain, our consultants are equipped to support you in the development of solutions that are tailored to your challenges.

our areas of expertise

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations)
  • Design offices
  • Production sites
  • Engineering
  • Air traffic control
  • Safety & Security
  • Drones
  • R&D
  • Military aviation (land & naval aviation)
  • Defence: prevention, deterrence, protection, intervention

A few recruitment examples

Embedded Software Engineer
Operational Excellence Consultant
Lean Manufacturing Consultant
Project Management Consultant
Aircraft Buyer
Director of Engineering
Director of Manufacturing
Industrial Purchasing Manager
Aerospace Business Manager,
Commercial Production Director
Plant Manager
Production Manager
Head of Systems Architecture Department
Team Lead – Embedded Software
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